Obsessed with tension, hanging, movement and change, Tenuousness (2013) began as a photograph of free floating paint chips, and became a video.

Liminal is a series of videos and stills with varying content and configuration. This ongoing work ironically centralizes on the periphery.

window thread

To further challenge viewers’ expectations, I’ve played other abstract “moving pictures,” (single shot video, displayed on a tablet, matted in a frame), to juxtapose the tradition of how we look at photographs, with the motion of video.

Liminal Display_2013

This display shot demonstrates how Liminal can represent a broader, lived experience. With more imagery pulled from the everyday, the installation becomes a meditation of quotidian.

As the collection of moments shown at once overlap, we must decide where to look; out of sync motion causes our eyes to move from one to the other to the last.


I also printed and hand bound my Master’s thesis into a book. The book explains how I arrived at the periphery, with all the nuance of hand made objects. I presented my thesis ideas this way to create a moment like those I seek in my imagery – quiet, contemplative, often calm and uneasy.

Book cover title shot_9608

The Awareness book page_9625

Closed Cover_9620



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