My work has long dealt with the difficulty of human relations, and a series has developed around older black and white film I took of my family. In this new work, The Salt Series, I am revisiting the images, specifically the ‘outtakes,’ to see what new life they may have when brought into conversation with each other.

The series also includes pieces using new photographs, approached similarly. I take refuge in my process.

The imagery is decidedly small; to draw someone looking in, and because that is how I can tolerate my own intellectual or emotional confusion. I try to identify the source of my unease with a picture, then take it apart; examining the contents bit by bit.

Reassembling the pieces, I start to see a multi-faceted reality, one that feels more true.

Us and Our Salt
Us and Our Salt
loose inkjet prints, straight pins, salt, dimensions vary, 2018
Us and Our Salt DETAIL

 DETAIL: Us and Our Salt
Two Sisters and Their Salt 3D-2
Two Sisters and Their Salt
1″ glass slides, shadow box, salt, 2018
Another Perspective
In Waves
Origins of Salt
Origins of Salt
loose inkjet prints, dimensions vary, 2018

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